What is crime fiction? What’s the interplay between character, setting and plot? Why write a story like Gaijin Cowgirl, and why read one?

I sat down in December 2015 to talk about these themes with Simon Overton, producer of a podcast series featuring Hong Kong-based authors presented in affiliation with the Hong Kong Writer’s Circle. The discussion is also available for free on the iTunes library.

Our discussion, conducted over a shared bottle of pinot noir, included readings from the book, as well as a short excerpt from my Samui-set noir, Bloody Paradise, due out this spring. The whole thing lasts a bit more than an hour, but you can cut to whichever chase you fancy:

00:00 – Introduction
04:40 – Extract 1 from Gaijin Cowgirl
07:20 – About the novel
21:20 – Extract 2 from Gaijin Cowgirl
26:00 – The writing process
36:10 – Interlude: Untitled #1 by Yusuke Tsutsumi
38:30 – Themes and issues
52:30 – Extract from Bloody Paradise
53:50 – Writing Masterclass: How to write a crime novel
77:50 – Copyright information
My thanks to Simon and to HKWC for their time and interest.

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