Cowgirl X

CowgirlXVal Benson, ex-Tokyo hostess, has returned to the US after surviving a bloodbath in the Southeast Asian jungle. She’s on a mission to expose the perpetrators of a great conspiracy.

Kidnapping and murder will speed her from Los Angeles back to Asia, where she must untangle multiple crimes and figure out who’s an ally and who’s an enemy. Ben Dixon is a Navajo who brings Val the gift of a sword, whose reputedly magical powers are sought by Son Cheng, a Cambodian occultist turned tycoon. Bobby Feathers is LA’s pornographer with the fewest scruples, last seen with Japanese starlet Eriko Tamaki––missing, presumed dangerous. Looking for Eriko leads Val into the arms of Bangkok playboy Boon Sucharbutra, patron of hot cars and fast blondes. The wildest card: Naomi Sato, a chronicler of sleaze who draws Val into her web of secrets.

As the violence escalates, Val runs from Thailand to Cambodia and a terrifying finale among the lost temples of ancient Angkor. Cowgirl X is the second book in the action-packed Val Benson series of international thrillers, available at Amazon.


Kevin Cummings, Bangkok-based cultural impresario, interviews me about Cowgirl X, The Story of Angkor and other matters on his blog, Thailand Footprints. Dated July 1, 2015.

Paul D. Brazill, crime writer and well-known blogger in the crime fiction world, quizzes me on Cowgirl X and other projects. Dated June 30, 2015.

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